Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit

Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit

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Heatless Curls effortlessly leave you with boundless curls for a perfect day and night look without the heat damage and exhaustion that wears and tears on your beautiful hair. Healthy hair is hard to come by, with all the chemicals and heat worn on your tresses.

Say goodbye to the wand and say hello to the wonder of the curling ribbon, made out of 100% mulberry silk.

Use the curling ribbon on various hair lengths, best used on dry or damp hair. The set comes with a mulberry silk curling ribbon and two matching chunky 90s-style hair scrunchies (also made out of 100% mulberry silk). The monochromatic set is gentle on the hair, flexibly moving alongside the tresses, and it never leaves hair creases.

The curling ribbon was designed with the thought of applying zero heat in your hair, but to get the same results you would if you were to put heat in your hair. It was made to keep your hair healthy and to give you beautiful waves in your hair.

The Curling Ribbon works best on damp hair.

Divide your hair into two sections, start on one side and wrap individual strands of hair around the ribbon as if you were curling your hair on the curling iron. You should be able to wrap all your hair on one side on the ribbon after you finish one side, do the same on the other side. This should take about 6 minutes in total.

Leave the Curling Ribbon in your hair for 3-6 hours or until your hair is dry. You can also sleep with it overnight and remove the Curling Ribbon in the morning when you wake up.

Kit Includes:

-Curling Ribbon

-Matching Scrunchies (2)

-Instructional Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Felicia S.

Super easy to use, takes like 5 minutes to wrap, lasts for days. First day is super curly then usually gradually goes to just a little wavy, which is fine with me! No damage and little effort for a well styled look is well worth it. Make sure your hair is damp, not wet if your hair is thick or it won't dry overnight. Note* my hair curls and holds well, I wouldn't expect this to work magic if your hair doesn't curl well with an iron.

Katherine R.

This product was sooo easy to use and comfortable to sleep in!!! It turned out soooo cute!!! I’ll be using this product often, as I can just take it out in the morning and have perfect hair! I’ll be recommending this to lots of people! I should also add that the scrunchies that came with it are like…. Insanely great quality.

Busy moms: you need this!!

I have three young kids, so I do not have time to use a curling iron and all that bull in the mornings. I love this. It’s actually super comfy to sleep in! My husband laughs at me but idgaf - the waves are amazing so he can take his self-buzzed haircut and bite me.

When I wrap my hair, I do it like a French braid. I take a strand, wrap it around with some extra left out, then add the next strand into it and keep wrapping. I’ve found the hair stays in place better that way.

I also use a third scrunchie to hold the ends together under my chin because it stays better for sleeping and also let’s you twist the foam pieces a little tighter so none of the hair slips out.

Seriously. I love this stupid looking thing!

Paris E.

I'm in love with the results, however I didn't find it very comfortable to sleep in first time around. I will definetly try again, maybe changing the position of the band on my head slightly to accommodate me rolling around in my sleep as much as I do.

Amanda Marty

I was looking for a way to have my hair curly when I woke up and with very little hassle as I’m always rushing in the morning no matter what time I wake up lol. I did a little research on this curl today and it was made nice and from what I had heard really works. I wanted to give it a try myself I love the results and with no heat ! I wore it to bed with damp hair and woke to beautiful curls. Putting it in my hair was simple , and all I had to do was wind my hair around the rod , and secure the scrunchies or clips.

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