Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller
Beauty Facial Ice Roller

Beauty Facial Ice Roller

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The Beauty Facial Ice Roller is designed to naturally tone and tighten your face and neck, de-puff eye bags and enhance your glow!

❄️ Tightens the skin and shrinks pores

❄️ Relieves sensitive skin

❄️ Eliminates eye puffiness

❄️ Reduces inflammation

❄️ Brightens skin tone

❄️ Promotes blood circulation

Perfect Facial Skin Care

Ice roller for face cleanses, brightens, treats acne and sensitive skin, and enhances overall skincare. Suitable for all skin types and improves skin tones, skin elasticity, and adds a healthy glow.

Glow on the Go

The facial ice roller not only gives you amazing skin, it also helps improves blood circulation, relieves sore muscles, strengthens skin elasticity, and removes redness and puffiness, giving you a moisturized youthful complexion.

Creative Skin Treatment

Customize how you use thisfacial ice roller depending on your skin type. Use whitening lemon water, green tea, decongesting cucumber water, rose, fruits, and more to improve your skin. Spa treatment the way you like it.


After cleansing your face, run your Beauty Facial Ice Roller under warm water until you can slide the lid off, then use as demonstrated in our videos.

We suggest using the Beauty Facial Ice Roller each morning for an instant wake-me-up for tired skin, improving blood circulation, giving your face a healthy glow.

Yes, we encourage experimenting with different ingredients to see which best suits you. After icing your face, rinse with cold water and follow up with your moisturising routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bobbie M.
I love this product!

It's the perfect size to fit in your purse. For the price, it's worth every penny. I found that it helped me with my puffiness and congestion and I felt so much more refreshed after just one use.

Cheryl Thomas
I love it!

It's helped me so much with my lymphatic drainage before bed. It's also really good at de-puffing under my eyes when I need it. The best part is that you can customize your skin boost recipe which I've discovered works best for me.

A game changer for me

I love the dual functionality of the product, allowing it to be used as either a facial massager or a lymphatic drainage device. This is perfect for travel and I can carry it in my purse. The ice roller is also incredibly versatile, which means that you can customize your skin boost recipe.

flamant rouge
I absolutely love Facial Ice.

I have never seen a product so versatile and easy to use. It is excellent for lymphatic drainage and really does help remove excess puffiness in the skin. It also feels good on the skin, which is a super added bonus! I have had my Facial Ice for about six months now and it is still going strong!

Valdemar B.
It's amazing

I always been self-conscious about my dark circles around my eyes, and I've tried everything to make them disappear...I guess I was just waiting for FACIAL ICE CONTOUR ROLLER! Seriously, a few weeks of use (and no weird side effects) and my dark circles are almost gone. How much more confident I feel now